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Yankee Power Supply Ps-M2 Power Supply

el Vie 1 Mar - 11:11

Bien buscando alternativas para alimentar mi pedalboard me tope con esta marca polaca que fabrica power supply.

A simple vista parece que este modelo que es el mas completo, podría bien satisfacer todas las necesidades, pero ojo, solo son 5 secciones aisladas, por lo que no necesariamente deba ser ruidosa, pero corres mayor riesgo de ground loops, no podrías combinar salidas, aunque por las capacidades en mA no lo creo necesario, algo que me agrada es la toma de corriente este top, con un cable se esos de computadora, en L, queda perfecto.

Most advanced Power Supply on the market.

PS-M2 is a professional guitar effects power supply with the ability to power virtually every guitar effect available on the market. It is unquestionably the most electronicaly advanced power supply.
Manufactured by experienced specialists, PS-M2 is a combination of proffesional electronic solution and brilliant design.

Ps-M2 overviewed on the film is an older version of the power supply (we are working on a new film).

Technical details:

Power input: 230V/50Hz
(Want it to work on 115V - North America? No problem, contact us!)


M2 has five fully separated sections:

I: 5 outputs 9VDC - 1200mA

II: 5 outputs 9VDC - 1200mA

III: Upgrade!2 x DC outputs (max. current - 600 mA) each adjustable individually:
1 output: 6V, 12V, 18V or 24V DC
2 output: 9V, 12V, 15V or 18V DC

IV: 3 AC outputs - 9VAC (output1), 12VAC (output2), 14VAC (output3) - 2000mA

V: 2 SAG outputs - 600mA (adjustable 5-10V - changes dynamics and sound of an effect)

- USB output – 5VDC / 200mA - to connect LED Lamp (in the set)


– center pin negative in standard plug
– center pin positive in 3,5 jack plug

Upgrade!MOVABLE Power cord socket! Ps M2 is equipped with movable power socket - it can be easily moved by the user. It can be placed on the top or on the back side of the unit! Now it easier to find a good place for Ps-M2 in your pedalboard.

Click below to see a short instruction:
Movable power cord socket
We are working on a short film...

Working temperature: -15 to +50 degrees Celsius

55/134/102 (height/width/lenght mm)
weight: 1,5 kg

The set includes:
- PS-M2 power supply unit
- Power cord (230V)
- Connection cables:
standard 5,5/2,1 barrel plug – 50 cm cord (5)
standard 5,5/2,1 barrel plug – 25 cm cord (5)
thicker 5,5/2,5 barrel plug – 50 cm cord (2)
3,5 mm jack plug – 50 cm cord (2)
battery snap plug – 50 cm cord (1)
- 7-diode USB lamp
- user’s manual
- warrantycard

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Re: Yankee Power Supply Ps-M2 Power Supply

el Vie 1 Mar - 14:20
Ps se ve muy bien...
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Re: Yankee Power Supply Ps-M2 Power Supply

el Lun 4 Mar - 11:06
y si son salidas aisladas???
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Re: Yankee Power Supply Ps-M2 Power Supply

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