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Rockett Archer Overdrive Boost Pedal

el Vie 10 Oct - 10:57

Rockett was the manufacturer of the KTR pedal and they've taken that knowledge a step further with the "Archer". This pedal sounds not so much like the KTR but more earlier the hand-built version.....really remarkable. Smaller enclosure, built in the USA. Taking Pre-Sale orders. Rockett have firmed up the shipping date to be 10/1 (possibly earlier) initial run is just 500 pieces and the following larger production will hopefully be December or latest January.

The Archer is sort of a 2 in one pedal. It can be used as just a clean boost by turning the gain all the way down. As you introduce gain it will attenuate the clean signal but there is a magical blend in between that you will find. Please experiment!!

The Archer is and boost/overdrive designed to simply cut through the mix with an astonishing mid-range chime, The Archer can be used as an exquisite clean boost or a thick and chewy OD. The magic in the Archer is within the mix of the gain and the clean boost to create a very sought after signature sound and feel. The Archer circuit is an extremely high headroom design operating at 18v.


3 controls: output, treble and gain
I/O jacks at the head of the pedal
High headroom 18v circuit
9V DC operation with standard – tip and + sleeve
Approximately 4" x 2.30"
Buffered switching
In contrast to most overdrive pedals the Archer uses a mix of dirty and clean signal at 18 volts to create a very amp like sound and feel.

The Archer recreates a very signature tone extremely accurately and more importantly captures the true feel.

Dimensons: 4.00″ x 2.30″

9 volt Negative tip adaptor and a 5.5mm x 2.1mm jack.

9 volt Battery

Buffered Switching

Basicamente es otro clon del Klon, tiene buenos comentarios, en general el tono del klon es de mi agrado
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Re: Rockett Archer Overdrive Boost Pedal

el Vie 10 Oct - 17:12
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Està de huevos el puro diseño ademàs de que el producto es bueno claro està, nos hace pensar en el pedal que muchos quisiéramos en nuestro rig, 500 unidades inicialmente, se ve que saben jugar en el mercado.
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Re: Rockett Archer Overdrive Boost Pedal

el Lun 13 Oct - 9:18
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Como siempre, ediciones limitadas y boom, otro hit, al menos en ventas. Tiene muy buen ver.
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Re: Rockett Archer Overdrive Boost Pedal

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