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Red Iron Amps Introduces the Pedal Pusher

el Mar 14 Oct - 9:51
Austin, TX (October 9, 2014) -- Available exclusively from Red Iron Amps. Designed/hand-built in-house and hand-wired using top quality components and high silver-content solder for years of exceptional service on stage, in the studio and at home.
The subminiature tube in the Pedal Pusher, derived from our buffer design is used in signal chains on stage and in studios around the world, is perceived by musicians’ ears as better balanced, warmer, rounder and more organic than cheaper op-amp and even high-cost transistor gain circuitry.
Includes high-quality, state-of the-art, torroidal power transformers which sound better and last longer than diode-multiplying power supplies of buffer and boost pedals. Very forgiving of common power fluctuations, will keep working and leave your tone exactly as you want it so involuntary power sags, surges and interruptions won’t funk-up your studio and live sound.
The low-impedence (buffered output) make your pedals sound better. Specially designed to play great with other pedals, consistently enhancing and enriching the tones from your favorite effects, helping them sound even better than before.
Street: $329

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Re: Red Iron Amps Introduces the Pedal Pusher

el Mar 14 Oct - 15:22
Suena atractivo, sin tener que prescindir de ciertos pedales que nos hacían sufrir esa caída de agudos como aquellos que siguen siendo fans del Fuzz face
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Re: Red Iron Amps Introduces the Pedal Pusher

el Sáb 25 Oct - 8:35
que cosa tan más fea parece de steren no te metas en mi vi
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Re: Red Iron Amps Introduces the Pedal Pusher

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